Lingua Project

Our society is gradually forgetting its roots. Every generation, part of our identity seems to slip into oblivion. Our culture is who we are, it makes us different, and better.

We miss the sweet stories of our grandmas, the jokes of our grand dads, and the life lessons they're bundled with.

The younger generation seems uninterested in learning their mother tongue, constantly drowning the chaos that TikTok and other social platforms create in their minds. They're constantly trying to be a-la-mode, have the latest iPhone in their hands and live the "expensive" life that Instagram portrays. Yet, they keep looking miserable and not content.

We contend that our constant dissatisfaction comes from our inability to acknowledge and accept our differences and the beauty that it comes with.

We believe our culture – which makes us different, and special – can help us fix this chaos; if we value it as much as we did last generation. And our language is what we want to kickstart with because communication is one of our culture's basic needs.

Your help will be most appreciated. In a few days/weeks, we want you to begin communicating in your mother tongue here on this platform. While this is still in construction, show your interest by filling in your email in the form below and you'll be contacted once we're ready to receive you.

Let's be different.
Josias Aurel.